• To form and nurture a community of sales professionals by providing information and services to sales professionals working in Singapore to support the interests, well-being and development of working sales professionals.
  • To initiate projects or events including multi-modular training roadmaps, scheduled public events to raise the profile of the sales profession and Singaporean sales professionals.
  • To advance the formation of industry standards or benchmarking for the development of a skills certification programme to encourage re-skilling, second skilling or skills upgrading for the community in Singapore.
  • To represent and care for the professional and material interests of sales professionals working in Singapore of various ages and in various stages of their career.
  • To serve as an advocate and a voice to represent the collective interests of its members and to provide feedback to the public, companies or organisations employing sales professionals and other agencies.
  • To collaborate and cooperate with various local and international organisations to inculcate, foster and promote the skills, talent, branding and employability of sales professionals in Singapore.