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Welcome to Singapore’s leading sales association, where thousands of like-minded sales professional meet!

Join the top professionals in your industry and leverage on the strong networks this platform attracts. Sales is a tough skill to learn, so its always best to learn with others to shorten the learning curve!

What’s more, get access to our rich course content. Each of our courses is taught by an expert instructor, and every course is available on-demand, allowing you to learn at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.

Our Members Profile

Salespeople 90
Consultant 95
Marketer 85
Entrepreneur 75

Our Objectives

Provide resource to enhance skills 

Be the leading institution

Maintain relevance to their customers

Hone their craft

Elevate their status

Our Executive Committee

Name Email Address Designation
Alex Chua alex.chua@singspa.sg President
Yap Jia Rern jiarernyap@singspa.sg Assistant to President
Michael Leung michael.leung@singspa.sg Executive Committee
Philip Zhang Nan philip.zhang@singspa.sg Executive Committee
Ethan Tan ethan.tan@singspa.sg Executive Committee
Angie Hong angie.hong@singspa.sg Executive Committee
Jin Ng jin.ng@singspa.sg Executive Committee
Steven Ong steven.ong@singspa.sg Executive Committee
Brian Tee brian.tee@singspa.sg Executive Committee
Jamson Chia jamson.chia@singspa.sg Executive Committee
Raymond Chua raymond.chua@singspa.sg Executive Committee